Terms & Conditions

1. Pool Safety Net does not replace adult supervision & children should never be left unattended. The net or pvc cover is an additional safety feature.

2. Pool protection can only be effective if used.

3. Regular routine inspection will be carried out by the Purchaser to ensure that the net or any other cover is in good condition, sufficiently tensioned to carry the weight of a child and properly secured at all anchor points. If the net or pvc cover is defective for any reason it should be removed from the pool and all children should be kept away from the pool area at all times until repairs have been completed by who the pool owners uses for his/her repairs.

4. Your pool safety net or pvc cover is not a toy. Do not allow children or adults to jump or play on the net or pvc cover, this will cause rubbing or chafing of the net or pvc cover.

5. Do not allow animals to chew on the net. Your net is not warranted against destruction by animals. Keep the net away from sources of heat such as barbecues as it can melt.

6. Do not use your pool with the net or pvc cover partially opened. This creates a dangerous situation and should be avoided at all times. Your pool is not properly secured until the net is in place and properly tensioned.

7. The net will be more effective with greater distance between the water and the net. It is recommended that the water is kept at least 175mm below the upper edge of the pool surround (coping) or to pool manufacturer’s specifications.

8. The coping/paving and pool surround should be maintained in a good condition. Although the installer will take all reasonable precautions to prevent any damage on site, the Supplier cannot be held responsible for damage caused to plants or property whilst carrying out installation of the Pool Safety Net or any other cover installed.
The purchaser accepts responsibility for repairing latent defects which could be discovered in the pool coping which may adversely affect the installation.

9. The purchaser indemnifies Nets4Pools, it’s directors and agents for any claims or recriminations in the event of any accident associated with the direct or indirect use of the POOL SAFETY NET OR ANY OTHER COVER. It is further acknowledged that although the Pool Safety Net is installed with the intention of aiding in child safety,no safety guarantees are given by the supplier nets4pools and the purchaser accepts full responsibility for the use of the product.

10.After any order is made and a deposit is paid to m du plessis owner of nets4pools its final, if you decide you no longer want a net or any other cover we have the right to deduct any costs accured whilst your order was placed or materials or petrol cost have been spent by nets4pools or m duplessis owner of nets4polls.

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