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Solar Blanket Facts

How do our Solar blankets work and keep your pool warm?

It will heat the pool water by absorbing sunlight that heats the blanket. The water in turn cools the blanket. As this occurs the heat of the blanket is exchanged with the pool water. The more sunlight the pool gets the faster the pool will heat. On average with full sun you can expect between 5-7 degree increase.

The other thing a solar blanket does is trap heat in the pool water. At night when it gets cool the pool water will begin to condense out of the pool, this draws the heat out of the water. Our solar blanket blocks this from happening so all that heat you built up will stay in the pool.

So you get the heating during the day (the solar part of the equation) and you get the thermal protection at night (the blanket part of the equation). If you donít get much sun on the pool the blanket will not heat the pool. So the bottom line is no sun on the pool no heating effect from the blanket.

If you have a heater for the pool, regardless of the type of heater, you will want a solar blanket to trap the heat in the pool.
If you are using gas or electric heat the blanket should cut your heating cost in half. If you are using a solar panel you will need it to trap the heat otherwise you may not be able to maintain the temperature when it gets really cold.

How solar blankets just simply save you money:

Simultaneously a solar cover will nearly eliminate evaporation, reduce youíre your energy and chemical consumption, and act as a barrier against leaves and debris. These benefits will save you both money and time for years to come

What, exactly, is a Microns and why do they matter?

It is just a unit of measurement that is equal to one millionth of a meter. They are how the thickness of the bonded material layers between the bubbles is measured.

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Will Salt water damage our Solamaxx solar blanket covers?

No, Saltwater in swimming pools will not damage our polymer-based cover material. We suggest keeping your salt application at a recommended dose and avoiding adding too much to prevent corrosive effects to other parts of your pool and equipment.

What damage can high levels of Chlorine and unbalanced water do?

High levels of chlorine can increase the deterioration process of the cover material and will reduce the lifetime of your cover and it will void your warranty. Please ensure your pool water is always balanced to the correct and recommended levels such as ph, alkalinity, chlorine, and calcium hardness. Incorrect chemical levels can lead to severe corrosion problems and scaling of your pool and pool equipment.

What is the size of the actual bubble and what are the performance benefits?

Our trademarked ìSmartDomeî provides excellent heating & thermal properties, Superior Buoyancy, and excellent adhesion during strong winds, it rolls up evenly on roller systems. The diameter of the bubble is 17mm.

How long will the covers last?

High levels of chlorine can increase the deterioration process of the cover material and will reduce the lifetime of your cover and it will void your warranty. A swimming pool with a high volume of chlorine/unbalanced water will reduce the lifespan of a bubble cover and speed up the process of degradation. With UV radiation and pool chemicals such as chlorine constantly attacking it, a pool cover is subjected to a very harsh environment. Heat will also play its part in accelerating the effects of chlorine and UV radiation. Bubble covers have a lifespan of around 3 years, largely dependent on the amount of correct cover care. So always make sure your pool’s ph levels are well balanced.



  1. Cuts evaporation by up to 90%
  2. Cuts Heating Costs by 70% or more
  3. Keeps pool cleaner
  4. Save on chemicals and energy
  5. Installation only takes a few minutes

How a Solar pool blanket is made? 

Solar blankets are essentially extruded polyethylene film. They are essentially an upgraded version of the packing bubble that kids (and some adults) love to pop. The manufacturing process is relatively simple. Plastic resin pellets are heated to the melting point in an extruder. The hot plastic exits the extruder in two sheets of wide, hot film to keep the material flexible. 

The two sheets are passed over a rotating drum filled with holes to which heavy suction is applied. As the sheets come together under the hole-filled drum the suction pulls the warm plastic into bubbles that form the familiar bubble wrap look. The finished sheets are wound onto rolls. The rolled material is heat or ultrasonically welded to make wider sections. These sections are then cut to the necessary dimensions for all the different pool sizes out there. Solar blankets provide two important benefits: evaporation control and passive solar heating.

The evaporation control is a no-brainer. Spread a sheet of floating plastic on water and it won’t evaporate very fast. The passive solar concept is also simple. The bubble-trapped air is an insulator and the warm summer sun provides the heat. Solar radiation passes through the transparent solar blanket and is trapped in the pool by the insulating properties of the air bubbles. This can warm pool water to a depth of nearly one foot coupled with the evaporation control has a noticeable effect on water temperature.

How it works

All pool covers help save energy by creating a barrier against evaporation. A solar pool cover, also known as a solar blanket, goes one step further by efficiently trapping heat energy from the sun, helping keep your outdoor pool warm for less money.

The solar blanket is often compared to bubble wrap used for shipping fragile goods, but it’s made of thicker plastic.
This sheet allows sunshine to enter the water and then captures the heat energy in those bubbles at night, passing the energy back to the water.

A solar pool cover is lightweight, allowing you to place it easily on the surface of the water. Many pool owners also choose to install a reel to pull the blanket back, and for easy storage.

The more you keep your pool covered with a solar blanket between swims, the lower your heating bill will be. And like the lid on a saucepan, the cover reduces evaporation by up to 95 percent, which helps conserve water and chemicals

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