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Pool covers are essential for every pool.We’re proud to provide personal service, uncompromising quality, competitive pricing and unbeatable value for money when it comes to our pool covers, pool safety nets or solar/bubble blankets. Nets4pools product is the best quality- Don’t go for less! Our reputation is second to none proven by our high quality products. We pride ourselves on using the absolute best practices in the industry. Feel free to contact us at anytime should you need advice on any product.Browse through our website and read more about our producs.

Pool Nets

Rollup Station

  • A child will not be able to lift and crawl under the net
  • The net can easily be installed and removed by a single adult
  • The Safety net is fitted according to the shape and size of your pool.
  • Nets4pools Safety nets also come in sizes for ponds and water features in black or blue.
  • Nets4pools Safety nets have a 3 YEAR Guarantee. A Pool Safety Net fits neatly and seamlessly around ladders, rocks and other obstructions. Importantly, there won’t be any gaps in the net which could create a potential hazard. The Pool Safety Net is extremely light weight and can be fitted or removed in less than 5 minutes.

What Pool covers do you get?

Pool Covers fit into basic catagories:

Pool nets
Solar Blankets / Thermal Covers
Solid Covers (Pvc)
Leaf & Debris Covers

Pool Safety Nets

The net is conveniently stored, tangle free, on its own roller when not in use. A simple pulley operated tensioning system is used to tighten the net after fitting. The pool safety net is fitted on the adjustable plate. Plates are designed in such a way that children can not stub the toes or hurt their feet. The plates are Stainlessteel and they are fitted onto the paving.The plates allows the hooks to be locked in the plate and makes it impossible for a small child to remove the net when the central tension system is tightened. The Pool Safety Net does not detract from the look of your pool and does not interfere with automatic cleaners. It can be fitted to above-ground and in-ground pools or even in conjunction with a solar blanket or leaf cover. Your Pool Safety Net will provide many years of trouble free service, however in the unlikely event of a problem your net is covered by our 3 year, no fuss warranty. Read more here.

Solid Covers

Solid Covers will enable complete pool shutdown during the non swimming season. This cover also provides a Child Safety benefit during times when the cover is fitted to the pool – Predominantly during the cooler months.Pvc cover is a great cost saving and a fabulous feature and is strong and durable. Read more here.

Solar Blankets

Solar blankets are made of thick bubble wrap style material and are available in Blue and Black we only supply 500 micron as its the best.Solar covers float on the surface of the water and are cut to the shape of the pool during installation. A properly fitted Solar blanket will reduce evaporation by 85-90% and will warm your pool by 5 – 7 degrees during the summer swimming season. Read more here.

1. Cuts evaporation by up to 90%
2.Cuts Heating Costs by 70% or more
3. Keeps pool cleaner
4. Save on chemicals and energy Installation only takes a few minutes
Free deliveries around Gauteng
solar bubble blanket
pool blanket

Leaf nets

Leaf Nets are constructed of mesh material and do not pool rainwater. A properly constructed leaf cover should remain taught across the pool to keep leaves & debris high and dry above the surface of the water. The leaf net should be self-supporting and flotation devices under the net should not be necessary. The effectiveness of a leaf net is governed by the fineness of the weave where finer is better to keep out small particles, A good leaf cover should also significantly reduce the amount of light entering the pool to deter algae growth. More Information Here.

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